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A Repentance

Repentance. Waning appetite of faith-junctions betrothed. Relaxing, embracing tapestries lost. Misplaced versions of stark archetypes, leaning, beleaguering, vacating thin veils of guilt-shed sin on vandalized walls. We wait. Fake. Deface. Glorified perversions of angst-ridden blame, an upheaval of martyrdom placating grace. We wait like frost-white dalliances of hate. Forgiveness. Mirrored truths of disingenuous praise. Succumbing, shedding insidious skin. Forlorn ashes of dead souls, simmering, frothing, bequeathing tastes of half-sighed lies on brittle-dry lips. We drink. Sink. Relinquish. An artifact of fate belaboring grace....

/ February 17, 2017

Light The Torches: Grace For Divorced Christians

I’m divorced. Well, not really. I’m now married. Happily, with five kids. But I have been divorced, or, more appropriately,...

/ February 16, 2017